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My name is Nitin Sharma. I am a physical therapist. Professionally, I’ve been working as a PT since 2007. I graduated with Bachelors in Physical Therapy in 2007, and I got a Master’s in Sports medicine physical therapy in 2010.

As time went on I realized I needed to learn more so I went through several manual therapy courses like Mulligan concept certificate, osteopathy and modified chiropractic manual therapy, Dry needling and visceral manipulation (Barral Institute).

To be frank manual therapy is not a huge part of what I do. I used to think it was what defined me as a practioner, but my evolution has shifted away from that ideology.

Over the almost 15 years I’ve been practicing as a physical therapist, I’ve worked with thousands of patients from post surgical to athlete to older adults just trying to regain function and improve their quality of life. My passion in life is helping people get back to the activities that are meaningful to them. Sometimes that’s walk and running without pain and sometimes it’s as simple as getting out from the bed or chair without pain. Whatever your is, I want to try to help you.

Above all my treatment philosophy involves active listing and problem solving, addressing the root cause of the problems, and working towards building a stronger and healthy life.


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