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Dr. Becca Powers is a physical therapist based out of the Chicago area. She treats people with all kinds of orthopedic conditions, with services ranging from post-operative rehabilitation to chronic conditions and everything in between. Dr. Powers strongly believes in using movement as medicine in order to bridge the gap from pain and “corrective” exercise to achieving functional goals and exercising well for a multitude of health benefits.

Dr. Powers grew up in the world of athletics, ultimately participating in collegiate softball herself and most recently training for powerlifting competitions. She is passionate about helping strength athletes, fitness enthusiasts, lifting beginners, and weekend warriors stay in the gym, under the bar, and on the field/court by helping to provide a positive experience with movement and finding ways to train around injury. She is a ClinicalAthlete Certified Powerlifting Coach (CCPC), Pre-Script Level 1 Coach (PS-L1), and a Certified Functional Strength Coach, enabling her to provide self-care and strength-based programs tailored specifically to each client’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses.


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