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Dr. Greg Johnson DC, CCSP is a board certified chiropractor, receiving his degree from University of Western States.

He has been in practice since 2013 specializing in sports medicine and completing post-graduate training as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. He works with clients of all ages, abilities and activity levels, helping them decrease pain, recover from injuries and surgeries, and improve overall human performance
and quality of life.

While working with athletes of all levels- recreational, professional, and even Olympic levels—Dr Greg has developed a special appreciation for the principle of providing his clients with education about their symptoms, movement exploration, exercise instruction, and self-care strategies.

These fundamental building blocks set the stage for clients to work toward the main goal: learning to understand their symptoms, improve their condition, and achieve long-term results through self-management—to empower you to get back to
and to continue enjoying the activities you value.


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