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Dr. Nicholas Rozborski received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences in 2010 and started his own practice in 2017. He is trained in diversified chiropractic adjusting, myofascial release, and functional rehabilitation with a specialization in movement based therapies. Dr. Nick uses a principle based method to identify an individual’s capacity and demands in order to develop a personalized plan to help his patients reach their own unique goals. Aside from chiropractic and sports rehab, the clinic offers youth athletic development classes for children ages 6 and up to help kids learn to be more active, learn movement skills, and create healthy lifestyle practices to carry over to adulthood. Dr. Rozborski continues to expand his practice and methods by educating himself from the best and brightest in their respective specialties, including Craig Liebenson, Darius Gilbert, Stuart McGill, Pavel Kolar, Marty Gallagher, Lee Taft, Derek Hansen, to name a few.


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